A Quick De-stress Get Away To Belle Isle

After a week-long of dealing with never-ending workload, you deserve a breath of fresh air far from all the stress at work and from the sometimes suffocating environment of the city.

What do you think? In fact, you don’t have to go far to get to a place where you can have the “best vacation ever,” because you can find such heavenly place in Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond which is popularly known as the capital of Virginia and its rich history buried within its land, yet still visible through its old structures. But there is more to Richmond than its story; a paradise is also hidden within its territory.


Belle Isle

Belle Isle is a small but beautiful island in Lee Bridge Richmond, VA which specifically lies within the James River. It is owned and operated by the city and is now considered a city park.

You can reach Belle Isle from Tredegar St. through a pedestrian footbridge and through a wooden bridge just near 22nd St. If you want to savor your way going to the island, you can go by hopping from rock to rock on the south shore; but only if the tide is low because rapids could be dangerous.

Fun and adventure at Belle Isle

If you’re looking for a perfect destination to unwind where you can encounter nature in an exciting and at the same time relaxing way, then Belle Isle is the place you are looking for.

There’s a lot of fun and chill activities waiting for you at Belle Isle!


1. Sunbathing

Yes, sunbathing. You can lay a blanket and lie down on the huge flat rocks which you can find around the island. And at the same time, if you go with your family or friends, you can also enjoy a picnic having a good talk and good time together.
But be careful, you might fall asleep because of the serene environment where you can hear the chirping of birds, the calm breeze, and the smooth sound of flowing water.


2. Hiking, running, rock climbing, biking

Sweat out and run out of breath with the bliss of nature. It’s the best indeed and very refreshing. Belle Isle has hiking and running trails. On your way, take time to look at the natural and man-made attractions such as the rock quarry and pond, and the remains of some old structures during the civil war.

There are also a lot of bike trails around the island. Ride your bike and explore the island’s natural beauty and amazing history. You can also rock climb the quarry walls.

As for swimming, the strong rapids of the river is quite not safe especially for children. So parents should always keep an eye for every member of the family.


3. Wildlife watching

While lying on the rocks and enjoying the sun, come to take around as well. You’ll be amazed of the wildlife you’ll discover in Belle Isle. Maybe you are lucky enough to spot a great blue heron or you can just observe the activities of river cooters, raccoons, and much more wildlife.


4. The Ruins of Belle Isle

Going deeper into the island of Belle Isle, you’ll discover it’s amazing history from the remains of some structures.
On the east part of Belle Isle, stands the ruins of a nail factory. You can also find the remains of a prison camp, an oil and explosive materials storehouse, and a hydroelectric plant.

Are you ready to get out of the office and start packing your stuff? Belle Isle is the best whether you want to travel solo or bring your loved ones. It’s a wise choice for a quick escape.


Direction from Belle Isle to Conway Law Group - Richmond VA

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